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Me and Traffic Have a Complicated Relationship

August 8, 2009



Cutting the Middleman

August 3, 2009

cutting the middleman

Hello. Goodbye?

July 28, 2009

I started a blog today.  I’m not sure when I’ll finish.

Though, according to a report I vaguely recall, it may happen soon:  I read that nearly 80% of all new blogs are abandoned within the first month; somewhere in the millions have been left for dead after just one post.  Sobering numbers in their own right, downright discouraging considering they apply to pretty much every other short-lived hobby I’ve ever picked up in my life.  Historical trends, to summarize, are not on my side.

Of course, that’s just one way of looking at it (something about empty glasses of water).  Consider this:  If I post tomorrow, I will have already out-blogged like 2 million people.  And if I post again one month after that, I’ve basically catapulted myself into the top 20% of the world’s most prolific bloggers.  Just like that.  You have to admit it all sounds sort of impressive.  Yeah, there may be a few holes in my rationale, but I’m okay with that.  Perspective,  however skewed it may be,  is the MSG sprinkled in my life-fried-rice.  And I love fried-rice.

I started a blog today.  I have no clue where it’s going, or how long it will last, but I’ve managed to convince myself that it’s a good idea¹.

Hope you think so too.

¹As far as impetuses (impetii?) go, it didn’t hurt to have a few friends recently start their own blogs.²
²Is it obvious already? Okay, I’ll say it:  I love footnotes (apologizing now for future excessive and/or improper use thereof).